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Why Snappa owner Chris Gimmer paid $40K for

May 1, 2017 by Hero


Snappa co-founder and CEO Christopher Gimmer wrote an in depth article on why he decided to spend $40,000 for the domain name , and why it was well worth it. The site was previously running on

In the article he says:

When you own the .com, you’re signalling to the market that you’re legit. And when people are paying you money to use your product, the more trust you can convey the better. With Snappa, many of our customers pay us an annual subscription. We want them to know that we’ll be around for years to come.

In a video interview Chris Gimmer did, he had also mentioned all the massive amount of publicity he saw when another company, Sumo, bought their .com. When Noah Kagan spent $1.5 Million to buy he went on a publicity tour and did many interviews for news outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine. One of his interviews is at

The Chris Gimmer blog post on the purchase of is located at