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We help startups create a brand to launch their business

Your domain name will be your identity on the Web. A good, catchy domain name is like having the wind at your back. The name will help you acquire and retain customers more easily. We have available a unique and diverse selection of meaningful, ready-to-use brands that can be used to launch your new business start-up, app, product, blogs, llc, website or service. Our brand marketplace lists possible uses and logo ideas for our sophisticated domain selection. We also make buying easier than most other branding marketplaces. All our catchy domains have our lowest buy-it-now price. We don’t negotiate, we don’t want to waste your time. We simply tell you our best price for our catchy, unique business names.



Why buy from Domain Hero?

Our brokers have been collecting and selling the best domain names for over 16 years. Our company names can help your business startup quickly rank higher in search engines. The search engines respect names that are “aged”. Your ranking can move up quickly if you own a 16 year old name rather than if you just registered a new one today. Also, don’t waste time with a company name generator or a business name generator. If you would like free help thinking of creative name ideas for your new business firm, simply contact us and we will brainstorm plenty of suggestions for you. You will find a massive selection of cool company name ideas on the Domain Hero portfolio with proven qualities that are found in other successful startup brands. Buy corporate names that are original and catchy. Purchase an available domain that is cool, funky, latin, classy, brandable, unusual, futuristic, fruity, eye catching, funny, distinguished, respected and even cute. Available, unique names that can be used for a clothing line, a fitness/gym brand, a construction corporation, a photography firm, real estate, or travel business. We are also listing powerful branding ideas for cutting-edge technology startups in the industries of cloud data, uav quadcopter drones, software and cyber security.



Why do we only sell .com’s ?

Domain names with the .com simply make businesses appear more legit, it is a seal of credibility. Domains on other extensions make companies appear like they are new and have not been in business very long. Also, whenever a person hears someone start saying www… they will naturally expect a .com at the end. In fact, data from a recent Interbrand U.S. study shows that when it comes to remembering a domain extension, 94 percent of consumers correctly recalled .com while only 7 percent correctly recalled a new domain extension. The data also shows that 61 percent of consumers who were shown a search results page displaying similar web addresses with different extensions still clicked on the .com extension – even when new domain extensions were displayed first.

    Featured Business Names

  • $19888

  • $995

  • $2598

  • $25880

  • $990

  • $3595

  • $49990

  • $995

  • $2499

  • $8755

  • $3888

  • $4990

  • $2770

  • $998

  • $995

  • $4383

  • $3553

  • $14995

  • $4880

  • $4890

  • $4585

  • $4670

  • $925

  • $4585

  • $9995

  • $4670

  • $9890

  • $39995

  • $4585

  • $4555

  • $7990

  • $4885

  • $39990

  • $3521

  • $1995

  • $2888

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